Tractors, grain and cotton harvesters, sawmills, sows and other agricultural machinery manufactured by Claas of the Federal Republic of Germany are widely used in the fields of Turkmenistan. Therefore, new modern training centers have been set up at the university in order to improve the skills of these companies in the application of high-performance equipment.

Founded in 2012 under the auspices of Turkmen agricultural university named after S.A.Niyazov, 2 classrooms for 40 students were founded and put into operation the training center of the German firm Claas.

Students are taught the skills of learning and managing the structure, operation and preparation of the Claas Tukano-430 grain harvester, which is available at the training center.

In addition, based on the original version of the Axion-850 plow tractor and the engine and chassis of that tractor, as well as the original LEMKEN 5-speed manual gearbox, they are trained in their construction, operation and maintenance skills.

On the model of GASPARDO-MT, M-type precision seeders belonging to the training center, Axos-340X type treatment tractors and the accompanying SCU-4 cotton seed sowing machines are used for their construction, operation and preparation techniques, as well as various agricultural techniques. .

The training center is equipped with 2 multimedia boards and equipped seats for 40 students. At the same time, the training center is equipped with a set of lifting equipment (cables) and handicrafts to carry out maintenance work on the relevant agricultural machinery.

During the student learning and production internships, Claas is operated by Hyundai buses, which ensure that students work on farm equipment and visit them to learn how to service them. In addition, the university's educational and experimental facilities provide an opportunity to get acquainted with the structure, operation and maintenance of the existing Jaguar-850 and other agricultural machinery from Claas.